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there are many different things in the package on this white tablecloth, including an orange maple leaf and some cards
Outgoing Mail!
I like the idea of writing with a white pen on colored paper. via Janette Lane
a person holding up a piece of paper
a person holding up a small album with sunflowers on it and the words recyclied envelopes
penpal diy : recycled envelope
penpal diy : recycled envelope
several pieces of paper with pictures and words on them sitting on top of a bed
my first letter to @ellen_joanna ✨ (euphoria is 💘💘💘) #kpoppenpal #bts #penpal #snailmail #kpop #mail #journaling #kpopjournal #stationery #handmade #handwriting
many different items are laying on top of each other, including papers and magnets
the first letter i sent to @umipenpalfriends 🌟 I love using yellow and blue 💛💙 #kpoppenpal #bts #penpal #snailmail #kpop #mail #journaling #kpopjournal #stationery #handmade #handwriting
a piece of paper with some stickers on it and a string attached to it
Carve the speech bubble stamp for the address and use it with people stamps.
a piece of paper with writing on it next to other pieces of paper that say hello
save trees and reblog art
nosykid: ✉️☕️ ig: anne.sthetic - save trees and reblog art
an open book sitting on top of a bed next to lots of postcards and papers
It always seems simple from the outside. As if all the words are written themselves, and hands artistically lay out on the table a particle of letters at this time. False. In admiration of the unrestrained, day after day, I look at you, gaining strength and inspiration from the skillfully created hands, trying to bring myself closer to this ideal, falling in love. Infinitely want to touch. Express gratitude to you, for the chance to be a modest viewer. Thank you.
the contents of a blue bag are laid out on a white surface with paper, magnets and stickers
Lauren Sunshine
- ̗̀ You Are My Sunshine ̖́-
several pieces of paper with stamps and postcards on them sitting on top of a wooden table
Absolutely gorgeous letter from @simplymme !! I love technology, and it's so…
various items are laid out on the table to be used for crafts and other things
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sandra juto: A second post about the tea swap