Squelette méditatif

quick drawing of a skeleton I did between 2 classes in the drawing studio. I wanted to draw the model who was there, but the class was so freakin packed. Charcoal and Bone VIII

Peeling paint and rust by Tina Negus - All Rights Reserved

⇜ Rust Lust ⇝ rusted metal with gorgeous patina -I like this piece because I might try this method for sculpture at a later date

Soul Art, dripping, garbage art, black and white urban. Urban decay, soul decay, sadness, confusion, gorgeous art.


unknowneditors: “ Giorgia Napoletano Italian artist Giorgia Napolteano uses photographs of herself, combined with digital effects, to create dark and obscure recreations. Giorgia uses her work as.

INSPIRATION - Dark couture... (Source : http://www.1968magazine.com/index.cfm?PAGEPATH=BLOG=showcomments=1DB9D217-2219-19C8-159A8EDCF6B8B98C=35473=BlogID=1DB9D217-2219-19C8-159A8EDCF6B8B98C)

Silvine clothes - Julien Fournié Haute Couture collection SS 2011 Dark couture maxi dress in black and white chiffon with red beading

♥ Sasha Vinci what is the priest was made out of plants... and you could take bits of flowers/roots directly off him? What if he was this mass that was rooted in his beliefs quite physically?

Sculpture Human figure Other - Artist Sasha Vinci (Scicli Italy). A community of arts professionals, an international contemporary art prize for emerging and mid-career artists and an online shop to buy and sell artwork.

Fashion Portfolio - textiles design for fashion; delicate knit structures, fashion design & development; fashion sketchbook // Siobhan Marie O'Keeffe

siobhan marie o'keeffe - ArtsThread Profile

Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. Fashion Portfolio - textiles design for fashion;

Grey Silk Fibre Dress - creative textiles surface design exploring the idea of impermanence - textiles for fashion // Shirley Buchan

Shirley Buchan, as part of a Textiles and Surface Design (BA Honours) Degree created these garments focusing on 'wabi sabi- the japanese art.