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It's been a rough week. But I didn't need bail money and I don't have a body count, so it could have been worse.


Saying sorry never fixed anything. You could try just not being an asshole instead. It's true though lol

Too funny!

This makes me laugh so hard because I am a cranky cow today! Awesome things will happen today if you choose not to be a miserable cow. Oh, come on, that is poetry!

haha if only i could actually say that to some people... its more true than you think

If only i could actually say that to some people. its more true than you think. Look for the common denominator. You get what you give, in life, and sometimes the bad stuff comes back ten-fold!

If a pin ever projected my mind. It's this one.

I'm glad everyone is having such a delightful day walking slow as fuck in front of me. Or driving!