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explosions et chaos - je ne sais pas si c'est numérique ou non.

3D-Field-Flow-Reza-Processing.png (1200×1920)

Field Flow is an exploration of invisible space, fluid flow, thermodynamics and dynamical systems.

Victor Vasarely 1906-1997  Gestalt 4, 1970 Op Art

Victor Vasarely Gestalt 1970 Op Art is short for 'optical art'. It was an abstract style that emerged in the based on the illusionistic effects of line, shape, pattern and color.

Contact Lens by Haruka Kojin  Title: Roland Barthes

Acrylic lenses installation by Hiroshima-born artist Haruka Kojin, from the exhibition "Architectural Environments for Tomorrow - new spatial practices in architecture and art" @ MOT, Art Museum Tokyo. via design boom

jennifer mehigan liquid metal silk print

Interview Jennifer Mehigan 24 year old artist/deisgner Jennifer Mehigan is based in Singapore. Mixing digital and traditional methods of painting, sculpture and other processes, Jennifer’s works.

Nuclei - novastructura

Looks like a brain Nucleus / ellipsoid with boxes generation driven by a field of sinewave functions

Cover design by Grzegorz Sołowiński for the album Conclusion (C.H. District)

Read More About Cover design by Grzegorz Sołowiński for the album Conclusion (C.

gorden terry

ATM Gallery - Artists - Gordon Terry - Often Originating With Intelligent Forces at Present Unknown to Us

ZEROING by andrey nepomnyaschev. Direction & animation by

"Zeroing" - An experimental reel by motion designer Andrey Nepomnyaschev and Studio Takt.


Justin-Maller-Facet (Abstract Illustrations by Justin Maller on CrispMe)