data visualization

In the same vein as the Tron special effects guys, Tatiana Plakhova has created some rather stunning works of art centered around data visualization. Plakhova, a graduate of Moscow State University, owns the design studio Colour Atelier in Russia.


sherlock sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock my graphics tv: sherlock this sucks idk why sometimes i attempt to graphic i spent like half an hour - an hour on this and it doesnt look like i did c: consulting detective

Chris Wood - Chroma_Circular arrangement of Dichroic Glass interacts with light to create patterns of coloured light which change depending upon viewpoint and angle of light.

Artist Chris Wood works with colored glass to create colorful, prism-like mazes and mandalas of light installed vertically on walls.

I like the use of polygons falling away from the face creating almost a digital dissolving.

The use of geometric patterns and cool hues creates a whole new emphasis to this photo. A digital dissolve, it's a beautiful and unique way to make the man seem inhuman.

Spicules of Light - Alan Jaras

Spicules of Light - Alan Jaras. Analog image formed directly on film without the use of a camera lens. Image is a refraction of light patterns passing through formed and shaped plastic.

FIFA 13 by Franco Barroeta, via Behance

Commissioned by Goldtooth Creative for a pitch for the upcoming FIFA 13 game.It included a graphic concept for the look and feel of the cinematics and in game graphic elements.

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Kongsberg - Opening Titles

Brand film and opening sequence for Kongsberg — promoting and building upon their areas of expertise which involves extreme weather conditions and elemental control.