Finding inspiration from traditional pop art techniques to compose a final structure for Marilyn Monroe. This is page allowed me to also look at different aspects within pop art and use combined colours to create a visual large-scale.

Don't let pages be filled with annotations, whilst they are extremely important to have to get good marks, this is still your ART book, drawings need to be present throughout


I like how this one has all matching fabrics to the flowers and i like how they are all completely different but almost exactly the same

Complicated, collage. Start simple... grow more complcated/unorganized, end with simple. Sort of metaphor for life.

30 Incredible and Intricate Moleskine Sketches

box of books from los angeles art book fair / sfgirlbybay

Box of zines. Published by tiny splendor in collaboration with 20 artists. screenprint on pink pastry boxes by Kenneth Srivijittakar.