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My GPS is Jesus Christ

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Okay we know Jesus did carpentry.but this creepy! However It would be neat to see chairs of the Apostles with the Jesus chair behind a long table! Jesus Meme, Jesus Funny, Stupid Funny Memes, Haha Funny, Hilarious, Reaction Pictures, Funny Pictures, Funny Pics, Gavin Memes


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Greek tour 2019 Saturday of May - Athens at Fuzz Club Doors Open : Trashformers Show : Pyramidos Live : Trashformers Show : Greek Music, Youtube, Greece, Folk, Greece Country, Forks, Folk Music

PYRAMIDOS(ピラミッドス) - ΤΑ ΚΑΓΚΕΛΙΑ (Ta Kagkelia)

Your Face Sounds Familiarピラミッドス)Rodehihi(Gt)

Before you start pounding holiday cocktails, your liver wants you to read this - How to prevent & ease hangovers naturally Funny Baby Images, Funny Pictures For Kids, Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Kids, American Funny Videos, Funny Dog Videos, Humor Videos, Funny Dresses, Indian Funny

Drunk Santa :-)

Gisele Marie, a Muslim woman and professional heavy metal musician, plays her Gibson Flying V electric guitar during a concert in Sao Paulo December Best Guitar Players, Learn To Play Guitar, Guitar For Beginners, Heavy Metal Bands, Thrash Metal, Cool Guitar, Photos Of The Week, Gisele, Muslim Women
Heavy Metal BandsCool GuitarGiseleMuslim Women

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Όλες οι τελευταίες, πρωτότυπες και πιπεράτες ειδήσεις από το χώρο του lifestyle και της showbiz

Οε οε ναρκοτέστ και στους προέδρους #Τράκης #Σπανούλη_τιποτένιε #Ωιμέ_τι_θλίψη #2_κιλά_καβούρια Kai, Baseball Cards, Sports, Hs Sports, Excercise, Sport, Exercise

Οε οε ναρκοτέστ και στους προέδρους #Τράκης #Σπανούλη_τιποτένιε #Ωιμέ_τι_θλίψη #2_κιλά_καβούρια

Μεγάλη λάμψη και έκρηξη πάνω από την Φλόριντα


Όλες οι ειδήσεις από την Ελλάδα και τον κόσμο

#ΕλλάςΟλέ Movies, Movie Posters, Film Poster, Films, Popcorn Posters, Film Books, Movie, Film Posters, Posters
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“Που πάω και τα βρίσκω... ή αυτά πέφτουν επάνω μου #WTF”

Αγόρασα μιά μπάμια τώρα που είναι ακόμα καιρός Signs, Shop Signs, Sign, Dishes

Αγόρασα μιά μπάμια τώρα που είναι ακόμα καιρός

Cocktails At 80 Halloween Themes, Halloween Party, Ferrari Logo, Autumn Theme, 16th Birthday, Superhero Logos, Philosophy, 21st, Cocktails
Autumn Theme16th Birthday21st


 I believe the Sub Jesus in this ad was an early prototype. Best Ads, Submissive
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Submissive Jesus ad #2

We discovered this recently. Funny stuff. We have permission from the owner to post this. I believe the Sub Jesus in this ad was an early prototype. You c...

Awkward wedding photos that will make anyone laugh! Wedding Photo Fails, Wedding Fail, Crazy Wedding, Wedding Photo Albums, Wedding Humor, Wedding Pictures, Dream Wedding, Wedding Ideas, Awkward Wedding Photos

Darth priest, WTF