Thomas Brookes Fashion Designer

Eduardo class, week Thomas Brookes Fashion Designer illustrated these figure by continues line technique with gauche medium.

Alina But Gusaim

Week 8 - Eduardo Coloured Pencil - Illustrated by Alina But Gusaim - mark making and texture to create interesting shapes in design.

Fashion Illustration by Louise Bennetts, as featured on Modeconnect -

I like how although the illustration is very simple, there are still a lot of detail in the garment and face. Shading has been conveyed through darker and thicker lines contrasting with thinner lighter lines, which i also really like.

Fashion Illustration by Bijou Karman, via Behance

Week 7 - Eduardo Bijou Karman - I find it interesting the simplicity of the garment almost like a tech sketch and the blank white sketches which give the impression of where it is, contrasted against the detailed hair.