Great Mother Ocean

Everything pelagic and oceanic, celebrating great Mother Ocean and our forgotten origins.
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an empty beach at night with no people on it
An image on imgfave
An image on imgfave
a humpback whale swims in the deep blue water with stars around it
"Cosmic Whale" Poster for Sale by shaundoogan
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a large whale swimming in the ocean next to a man on a surfboard under water
horsebarn hill: Photo
hartford boy — gatsbys-ghost: Moby Dick or The Great Whale by...
three different images of the same whale in black and white, with one being submerged
Giants: A Black and White Series Captures the Complexity of the Humpback Whale
a man is diving next to a large animal
A Southern Right Whale, (Eubalaena australis) underwater off the Auckland Islands, New Zealand) captured by photographer Brian Skerry (615×409)
a humpback whale swimming in the ocean
Photo by @BrianSkerry. A 45-foot-long, 70-ton Southern Right Whale hovers…
a large gray dolphin swimming in the blue water with it's head above the water surface
The Stylish Gypsy
an octopus swims in the water near some seaweed and other marine life on the ocean floor
α и g є ℓ ι ℓ ℓ ο: Fotos
Giant Australian cuttlefish …