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an octopus with blue and yellow tentacles on it's back legs, standing in front of rocks
When it comes to interacting with them (both in their territory under water AND ours on land), underestimating the intelligence of the octopus is one of the most foolish mistakes man can make. *Just remember -- they're almost always one step ahead!
a close up of a fish with its mouth open and eyes wide open in the dark
15 Fascinating Marine Species You Won’t Believe Actually Exist (PHOTOS)
Dumbo Octopus
Octopuses, lobsters and crabs feel pain — to be recognised as sentient by United Kingdom laws
an orange fish with large round eyes is looking at the camera
flapjack octopus
two yellow fish with large eyes and an orange starfish in the bottom right side
National Geographic
Picture of Dumbo octopods AKA flapjack octopus
an octopus sculpture on the side of a building
Octopus gargoyle
Gargoyles and Grotesques at the National Cathedral
an octopus is standing on its hind legs
an octopus is sitting on top of some rocks
octopus - Google Search
black and white photograph of an octopus with its head in the middle of it's tentacles
octopus photography
an octopus sitting on top of a wooden table next to another animal in the background