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Just as Gaggenau is inspired by the professional kitchen, you too can draw design and style inspiration from this board of minimalist interiors - all equipped…
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an open door leading to a kitchen and dining room with wooden flooring, black table and chairs
Rich Tones and Dark Accents​
Blending into an opulent backdrop of dark wooden hues, Gaggenau’s 400 series oven evokes an ambience of refined design and timelessness in this penthouse sanctuary nestled in Munich, Germany. Where every detail exudes contrast, the neutral-coloured island bench stands as a beacon of balance in front of the rich tones of the dark wood wall, creating a soft but bold interplay between dark and light. Photography: Christoph Philadelphia​
an empty kitchen with marble counter tops and white walls, along with stainless steel faucets
A Natural Stone Kitchen​
This natural stone island bench creates warm minimalism that holds depth and complexity in every detail. Surrounded by Gaggenau 400series appliances in Stainless steel and inspired by a love for natural stone, Interior Designer Peter Vanrenterghem redefines what luxury design means today, creating a refreshing shift towards subtly layered, understated interiors.​
a close up of a stove top oven with buttons on the burners and knobs
Cozy Canadian Townhouse
Amidst the harmony of minimalist designs and soothing tonal neutrals, the Gaggenau 400 series gas cooktop introduces the heart of this Toronto townhouse. Surrounded by contemporary textures and an ambience of calmness, its silhouette makes a bold yet refined statement. ​
a living room filled with lots of furniture and tall windows next to a dining table
A Skyline View Kitchen
This magnificent apartment not only captures the sprawling Atlanta skyline, but also redefines the art of sophisticated living with its panoramic views. Designed to delight and inspire, the home is complemented by Gaggenau appliances.
a large kitchen with marble counter tops and wooden cabinets
French Nostalgic in Kansas
“I wanted a very quiet, well-put-together kitchen with the very best appliances, and everything hidden. A French look.”, says Laura McCroskey, Interior designer. The Gaggenau 400 series Vario cooktop, oven and combi steam oven are the perfect complement in this French Nostalgic kitchen style in Kansas City. Interior Design: McCroskey Interiors Photography: Sven Eselgroth
a modern kitchen with black cabinets and marble counter tops, along with wooden flooring
Black Oak Living Kitchen
The black stained oak wood of this stunning kitchen contrasts generously with the light oak flooring and quartzite countertop, while the slatted backsplash and perfectly blending Gaggenau 400 series oven and combi-steam oven add a touch of sophistication. ​ ​ Curves throughout the kitchen, from the rounded countertop to the semi-circular slats, convey a sense of fluidity and grace.
a kitchen with green cabinets and a marble counter top in front of a checkered floor
A retro style walnut kitchen.
From the walnut wood cabinets to the brass hardware, this kitchen is a work of art. Set in a canal house in Amsterdam, the charming setting with its retro twist, creates a nostalgic feeling. The deep brown hues beautifully complement the Gaggenau 400 series oven which is perfectly fitted between the wood cabinets and brass hardware.​ Kitchen design: Robert Tediek Keukens​ Photogrpahy: Ralph Reniers
Inspired by the modern Scandinavian styles that evoke minimalism and continuity, Chef Wu Si Han’s kitchen is fitted with Gaggenau 400 series oven and combi-steam oven alongside the 200 series flex induction with integrated ventilation system and a Side-by-side fridge-freezer, which provides high precision and constant inspiration in his private R&D space. Joel Robuchon, Chef, Singaporean, Restaurant, Gaggenau, In Singapore, Michelin Star Restaurant
Meet Chef Wu Si Han, Gaggenau's first Singaporean Culinary Partner​ ​
Chef Wu Si Han started his culinary journey at various professional kitchens, including the prolific 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant, Joël Robuchon, in Singapore, allowing him to learn from industry mentors.
The entertainer’s kitchen in Boise, Idaho
​​The Gaggenau 400 series cooktop, ovens, espresso machine, wine climate cabinet, and dishwashers are extensively used by the hosts when they entertain in this expansive, airy kitchen. With its lofty ceilings, exposed wooden beams, expansive glass windows, and doors, an abundance of natural light permeates the space, transforming it into a delightful haven for both living and cooking.
a large kitchen with black cabinets and white counter tops is seen in this image from the dining room
Contemporary yet timeless Belgian kitchen
Exposed brick combined with marble worktops and sleek black cabinets create a warm yet minimalist environment that is simple yet welcoming. Complemented with a Gaggenau 200 series oven in Gaggenau Anthracite.​ Photography: Thomas de Bruyne​ Interior design: Frederic Kielemoes
a kitchen with marble counter tops and cabinets in the corner, along with a bed
A tribute to natural materials
The heart of this Amsterdam home is the kitchen space with its natural light and carefully selected finishes and furniture. The Gaggenau 400 series oven in stainless steel and the 200 series cooktop perfectly complement this minimalistic kitchen design and create a truly breath-taking, harmonic setting.​
a kitchen with large windows and wooden cabinets
The Japanese Summer Residence
The centerpiece of this Japanese Summer residence combines Japanese and Scandinavian expressions. Situated in Hakone at the foot of Mount Fuji, the house is surrounded by wild nature that can be best enjoyed from the Dinesen HeartOak and linoleum kitchen. Gaggenau appliances accompany this fusion of two designs with an aesthetic finish.
a kitchen with an island counter top next to a vase and potted plant on the wall
Exclusive kitchen with elegant details
What do interior architects strive for in a modern, elegantly designed kitchen? Personalised details in every feature. That’s why Gaggenau’s sophisticated black cooktop control knobs perfectly complement the exquisite marble and woodwork design of this beautiful culinary space. Kitchen design: Robert Tediek Keukens Photography: Ralph Reniers
a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances, along with wood flooring
An elegant ensemble in beige by Nicholas Anthony
Looking for a contrasting feature to highlight the subtle colour scheme of your kitchen? Take inspiration from this contemporary culinary masterpiece, designed by kitchen specialists Nicholas Anthony. The stunning dark Nero Marquina marble backsplash and black sintered porcelain countertop are the perfect complement to the selected Gaggenau appliances.​​
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use in its new owner's home
Modus Vivendi
This Nicholas Anthony designed kitchen combines unique, flamboyant style with the impeccable functionality of Gaggenau 400 series appliances, including a combi-steam oven and a Vario ceiling ventilation for an enhanced daily kitchen experience.