The Elevation of Gravity

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a large rock sitting next to a metal bench
Experience the Essential Induction
Presenting during Milan Design Week 2024, in Villa Necchi's glass pavilion, Gaggenau’s latest innovation, the Essential Induction was showcased. Creating a magnetic force and gravitational pull that redefines and elevates modern-day living and design, the Essential Induction focuses on the art of reduction. Experience the Essential Induction at #MDW24.
an open refrigerator with its door wide open in a white walled room that is lit up
Unveiling the new generation of cooling
Gaggenau introduces the latest generation of cooling appliances, setting a new standard in both aesthetic design and performance. Now showcasing for an exclusive glimpse at #MDW24, the launch of the new cooling appliance will start in the summer of 2024. #TheElevationofGravity #MilanDesignWeek
a black and white bench sitting in front of a rock on top of a table
The Elevation of Gravity
Gaggenau has evolved into a brand with gravitational pull, and at #MDW2024, The Elevation of Gravity exhibition explores how this force materialises into a new way of living. Divided into two contrasting yet interconnected spaces, the installation represents the equilibrium between what exists and the aspiration for more.