Isha Gai

Isha Gai

I'm isha and I love pintrest because it gives me crazy and fun ideas to do in the holiday
Isha Gai
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Let it go in emojis!!!

Let it go in emojis! If you didn't sing this whole thing you're lying.

The mic drop emoji is essential.

The mic drop emoji is essential.<< emojis I need are an eye roll emoji a face palm emoji and.a fangirl emoji

i am dying.

Sorry Hugh, I think you are sexy as, but I laugh out loud every time I see these pictures. See how guys are supposed to look perfect in magazines too!

Get the hell off my lawn. - Imgur

The truth at the gym, The truth at the gym, don't know I'd it's because I'm tired or this is truly hilarious! The clever guys and a starved baked potato have me in tears 😂

I've come a long way. - Imgur

I'm torn between toast ghost and actually just a really pale person 😆

Haha. True.

What if you are a cross between the sweet girl and the quiet girl? Do you get with a jerk and still get to keep the cat lol?

that will be me! :D

Sorry I Can't Go To Work Tomorrow I Fractured My Motivation funny quotes quote jokes work lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor

Good-bye rhymes

It would be so fun for the kids to create a goodbye motion for each one of these. Changing once a week, this list could take you a long way through the school year! Good bye sayings.

Money poem; Rhymes make all learning easier!

Math: Money song This poster,by Marisa Curtis of First Grade Glitter and Giggles, can be used in a poetry folder, on a meeting board, or math journal to reinforce c.