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Heart Shape Tattoo

27 Heart-Melting Sister Tattoos, this might be someting to consider If my sister would get a matching tattoo. Bc family is forever.

small feather tattoo finger

The small feather tattoo is among the popular design in tattoos due its aesthetic beauty and ease to adapt to different body parts, getting perfectly in pl

small feather tattoos with birds

small feather tattoos with birds, blue the same as Jordans hackle?

Feather Tattoo - Forearm or ribs

This is the perfect one. The one I want with the script 'live' to remind me why I'm doing this and why I'm here. It's to live not just exist.

Feather tattoo, I like the shape

I also decided after changing my idea from a bird, to change it to a feather as it is easier to draw at high quality and looks nicer.