Farm animals EYFS medium term plan

Could also do this for each area of provision e. Construction, with the general things the kids will be learning/practising/are going to achieve

Mummy G talks parenting: under the sea themed activity planner - week 2

Under the sea themed weekly activity planner for the EYFS (early years foundation stage) activities are suitable for babies, toddlers, preschool, and can easily be adapted for reception and or children that are homeschooling.

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Here's our Objective Led Planning, inspired by It's the best way to do Early Years planning that we've found so far. What do you think? P.S. We also amused ourselves with the names in the groups - see who you can find! Check out our website for a video that explains it in more detail:

At Ace Early Years we have been lucky enough to be given the freedom to explore and develop our planning over several years.

Medium term planning ideas for Autumn covering all 7 areas of Learning and Development from the brilliant Worms Eye-View blog by Pip Kins

Autumn season plan is now written up will be starting from September (Autumn Equinox). Looking forward to lots of lovely Autumn.