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A collection of the most popular Galbers Gaming videos.
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Current Best Hog Rider Deck – Counter Tanks and Barbarians

if just looking for the deck. This Hog Rider deck crushes Barbarians, Tanks, and Royal Giant (RG) users, it really does counter those decks hard.


The Clash Royale Ice Golem bug. On the death animation of the Ice Golem some units, in this case the Mini Pekka are invulnerable / void of any damage for a s.

Best Skeleton Army Deck - Clash Royale

With the increase strength and a lower elixir cost the skeleton army is strong. So here is an Air Deck which uses the Lava Hound and.

Best Ice Golem Deck - Clash Royale

The Ice Golem in action with the Three Musketeers is one of the best Ice Golem Decks in Clash Royale. The Ice Golem is strong! Watch the Ice Golem gameplay t.

SUPERCELL'S SUPER COMBO, Mini Pekka with Skeleton Army - Clash Royale

SuperCell released a video showing us how to become better duellers in Clash Royale using the SUPER COMBO. This super combo consists of the Mini Pekka and Sk.

Miner Resets Princess's Target

Top tier gameplay from TV Royale where a Miner's pathing resets the princess's target allowing her to kill an extra Princess - two princesses for the price o.

The Fastest Deck In Clash Royale!

A fun, fast if not the fastest, deck which brought about some entertaining live battles/games with one being a whisker of a Hog Rider's hammer away from over.

Guide to Goblins - Clash Royale

Goblins benefit the most from scaling in Clash Royale which makes them the best card to upgrade when looking to move up arenas. When goblins are one level hi.

Spirits vs Three Musketeers, RIP - Clash Royale

A fifteen second clip showing what spirits do best. before they RIP they BOOM.