Curated Stitched Photography exhibit at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York City features artists Jessica Wohl, Diane Meyer, Flore Gardner, Jose Romussi and Melissa Zexter

Curated Stitched Photography

raining / umbrella - Stitching Photographs: embroidery + photography by Diane Meyer. Link to awesome article on fantastic work by various articles who combined photographs and embroidery.

Elvis collage portrait - by Sandhi Schimmel Gold;  made with PAPER WASTE (junk mail, calendars, postcards, photos, greeting cards, etc.)

Junk Mail Mosaics

Artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold makes portrait mosaics from recycled mail (e. greeting cards, advertising pamphlets, and more). She cuts paper bits and glues them on a canvas.

Recycled Art - Twiggy made with newspaper and magazine pieces. So cool.

'papier collé' mosaic portrait 'Twiggy' from paper waste : artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Embroidery by Jose Romussi

Artist Jose Romussi breathes new life into old photos by embroidering colorful thread onto skirts and dresses. While the Chile-based mixed media artist has a…

Artist Sandy Schimmel creates beautiful works of art from junk mail, ads and flyers, things we throw away everyday without a thought.

Recycled Junk Mail Art