Emily Sladen, Tide Line embroidery

Emily Sladen Contemporary Embroidery Artist, St Agnes Isles of Scilly, Embroidery Magazine, Mix Magazine Bradford Textile Society Winner, New Designers Show

by Erin Endicott  -

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform. This textiles piece of work interests me as I like how the brown and darker parts of it look as it looks like a real map. The contour lines help to convey this

Women's Suffrage by scrappy annie

scrappy annie Women's Suffrage Mixed media: stitch, fabric and clay

Poppy - detail- Laura Edgar #textile art #hand embroidery #beading

Poppy - detail- Laura Edgar art embroidery painted silk and mixed media sewing tapestry of poppy

Armelle Blary, Daphné

Armelle Blary, Daphné - Tree Spirit, Goddess soft sculpture Metamorphosed and poetic sculptures Armelle Blary .

Fabric Manipulation smocking sample - textile interpretation of the natural surface patterns in shells, textiles design by Tinctory:

Fabric sculpture Small dark gray moth textile art by irohandbags. These insects by irohandbags are gorgeous!