Emily Sladen, Tide Line embroidery

Emily Sladen Contemporary Embroidery Artist, St Agnes Isles of Scilly, Embroidery Magazine, Mix Magazine Bradford Textile Society Winner, New Designers Show

by Erin Endicott  -

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform. This textiles piece of work interests me as I like how the brown and darker parts of it look as it looks like a real map. The contour lines help to convey this

Women's Suffrage by scrappy annie

scrappy annie Women's Suffrage Mixed media: stitch, fabric and clay

Poppy - detail- Laura Edgar #textile art #hand embroidery #beading

Poppy - detail- Laura Edgar art embroidery painted silk and mixed media sewing tapestry of poppy

Clay McLaurin  embroidery

Embroidered Curiosities by textile artist Clay McLaurin. via Textile Arts Center

Armelle Blary, Daphné

Armelle Blary, Daphné - Tree Spirit, Goddess soft sculpture Metamorphosed and poetic sculptures Armelle Blary .

CORPORE-MEDENDO Ileria Magutti embroidery

CORPORE-MEDENDO Ileria Magutti embroidery

Fabric Manipulation smocking sample - textile interpretation of the natural surface patterns in shells, textiles design by Tinctory

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