Basil Brush.. #kids #tv #70's

I used to get my sweets on a Saturday and eat them while watching my favourite programme, Basil Brush

Catweazle BY Richard Carpenter S Hand - REMEMBER CATWEAZLE- travelling from medieval times to our times. He has a "bone ache" (headache) such fun to watch

Does anyone remember watching Grange Hill? such ground-breaking television at the time!

Saturday morning tv

Champion The Wonder Horse with Rebel, Ricky and Uncle Sandy Sept 1955 March 1956

Kizzy based on the original book "The Diddakoi" written by Rumer Godden. I loved this book so much.

Kizzy based on the original book "The Diddakoi" written by Rumer Godden. This was one of those tea time mid-week TV shows that I would watch avidly.

The Professionals.

Lionsgate UK is planning a feature film adaptation of the British TV series The Professionals.

Hello 1970's! "CHiPs"

Had a poster in my room! My husband met Erik Estrada in the airport just a couple of years ago and got his autograph for me.

The Monkeys tv show watched this on a saturday afternoon 298 x

"Monkey" TV show. Monkey is one of the many adaptations of one of China's 4 greatest literary works called 'Journey to the West'.

Skippy the bush kangaroo TV show First episode: 1966 Final episode: March 1970 Theme song: Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Theme Song

Black Beauty – the book and the TV show. I really wanted to be that girl (even if her dress was horrible!)

Black Beauty TV Show - I loved this horse- my first crush