Architectural Plants

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Standard Trees for Screening
Our diversity of species and sizes of Standard trees is sure to fit any needs, whether you’re looking to create formal avenues, naturalistic borders, or standalone features 🌳 These trees can effectively create privacy screens, particularly useful in urban gardens where space and seclusion are often at a premium.
several potted plants in front of some trees and bushes with no leaves on them
Multi-stem Trees for Your Garden
Multi-stem trees are an increasingly popular choice for gardeners and landscape professionals, bringing a unique aesthetic and structural interest to outdoor spaces. Their unique form can serve as a focal point or an interesting background feature, making them great for both large landscapes or small urban gardens 🌳 🔍 Browse to check out our beautiful specimens!
several potted plants are lined up in the middle of a gravel area with an arch over them
Arch Shaped Photinia Red Robin
Arch-shaped plants like our evergreen Photinia or Star Jasmine can serve as natural focal points or gateways, drawing attention to specific areas of your garden. So why not to add a touch of architectural elegance and beauty to your landscape? 😍 🔍 Check out more arch-shaped species on