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Plants and Trees for your Perfect Garden
Incorporating a diverse range of plants and trees can transform a garden into a vibrant and dynamic outdoor space 🌳 That’s why we have over 12000 types and varieties to choose from! Check them out on
Beautiful Plants and Trees for Your Garden
Thousands of our amazing plants & trees are ready to be delivered right to your door! 🪴 Conifers, topiary, bamboo, bonsai, ornamental grasses, palms, trees, exotic & flowering plants - there’s always a perfect plant to fit your garden 💚
a hammock hanging from a tree in a backyard at night with lights on
Cosy Relax Area in a Garden
A cosy spot like this in your garden will be just perfect for spending a warm, lovely evening, reading your favourite book and enjoying the beauty of the plants 😍 We just love the tropical feel of the Australian tree fern and the delicate, ornamental beauty of the Japanese maple!
a small garden with benches and flowers in it
Contemporary Style Small Garden Design Idea
Even a small garden can be stylish and cosy 💚
the garden is full of green plants and trees in front of a red fence with blue sky
Lovely Small Garden Design Idea
Take a look at this stunning landscape idea from one of our customers 🥰 We just love the combination of Japanese Maples, New Zealand Flax and our ‘Summer Chocolate’ Silk tree!
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a lush green garden next to a tall tree
Loquat Tree in a Garden
Have a look at this stunning landscape created by one of our customers with our Loquat tree 😍
pumpkins on the steps in front of a white door with ivy growing over it
Halloween Decorations Idea for your Garden
an outdoor seating area with various plants and shrubs
Stylish Contemporary Style Garden Designd
Another beautiful and inspirational idea if you love contemporary style garden designs as much as we do 😍
a concrete planter filled with lots of plants
Succulent Garden Bed Idea
Succulents and ornamental grasses can form a stunning textural garden bed together. Have a look at these beautiful colours 💚
an olive tree in a pot next to a table and chairs on a stone patio
Amazing Mediterranean Style Landscape
Have a look at this amazing Mediterranean style landscape created by one of our customers 😍 We believe that even a compact garden can look stunning with the right plants.
two small trees in front of a brick building with white trimmings on the windowsill
Stylish Front Garden Idea
There is nothing better than seeing such wonderful garden transformations made by our customers with their new plants 💚
there is a garden with rocks and plants in the area that looks like it has been designed to look like a fountain
Beautiful Idea of How You Can Use Gravel in Your Garden
Decorative aggregates always add that needed finish to garden beds and make them looking neat. Check out this idea of how you can use them in your own garden!
a vertical garden wall made out of wooden planks with various plants growing on it
Budget Vertical Garden Idea for Small Gardens
A stylish garden design does not always have to be extremely expensive and difficult. Here is some budget yet beautiful and inspirational idea of how to organise your garden space.
an outdoor patio with yellow chairs and green grass
Stylish, Miminalist, Contemporary Style Garden
Have a look at this stylish garden 😍 We just love the minimalist design and the combination of plants - Olive trees look amazing in contemporary style gardens. Photo and garden design: Joanna Archer