Metal Garden Planters

How to make your garden look stunning this season. Make a statement with hot-dip zinc galvanized steel heritage inspired British planters. Garden Requisites…
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two large metal planters with flowers in them
Garden Requisites - Steel Planters - Troughs
Beautiful lead-look #metal #garden #planters from British garden accessory specialists Garden Requisites. Stylish and weatherproof solutions to portable #gardening
a potted plant with white flowers in front of a brick building
34 Tall Garden Troughs to Tickle Your Creative Bone
an outdoor cafe with plants and umbrellas on the side of the street in front of a brick building
Bespoke Troughs at Granary Square, Kings Cross
Granary Square, Kings Cross (London) commissioned Garden Requisites to create these steel galvanized Large Planter Troughs in a stunning painted finish.
a potted plant in the middle of a garden
Tall Circular Galvanized Steel Planter
Garden Requisites' round zinc galvanized planters have drainage holes and raised feet for added stability, and large enough for the most sumptuous displays. This tall round steel planter is made by us in Bath. The tall steel planter is hot dip zinc galvanized for a durable, rust-resistant finish. No self-assembly required. Bespoke planters available.
an outdoor patio with wicker furniture and purple flowers in the foreground, next to a stone building
Round Planter and Iron Porch in Aged zinc
Large garden planters ideal for patios - Circular metal planters and Iron Porch from Garden Requisites in Bath, UK.
two potted plants in front of a stone building
large Circular Round Planters
Large circular garden planters - Metal planters in Aged zinc galvanized finish from Garden Requisites. Any custom size to order.
an olive tree in a large metal planter
X Large Square Zinc Galvanized steel planter
Fabulous bespoke Square Planter with olive tree and lush underplanting. Made by Garden Requisites of Bath, UK.
a large metal planter filled with flowers in the middle of a lawn next to purple and white flowers
Garden Requisites - Steel Planters - Troughs
This Aged zinc galvanized circular planter is available in three large sizes to ensure the most sumptuous displays on your terrace. Made by Garden Requisites of Bath, UK.
two large potted plants sitting on top of a stone walkway
Garden Requisites - Steel Planters - Troughs
Large metal garden planters for lathe shrubs and planting schemes. From Garden Requisites in Bath, UK.
three square planters with plants in them
British Square Steel Planters & Troughs - Garden Requisites
The garden designer's planter. British-made, weatherproof, zinc-galvanised steel square planters from Garden Requisites' workshop near Bath, England. Just the thing for Bay topiary, Lavender and strong enough for small trees such as Olives.
a row of planters sitting on top of a sidewalk
Large Square Steel Planters with Olive Trees
A stunning display of Extra Large Square Zinc galvanized planters with a generous underplanting of lavender and Olive trees. Plnaters and troughs made by Garden Requisites.
purple flowers are growing in a large metal pot on the ground next to wicker chairs
Garden Requisites - Steel Planters - Troughs
Pretty lavender in a large weatherproof, long-lasting metal garden planter from Garden Requisites. Perfect for the patio!
a stone house with two large planters in front of it and windows on the side
Garden Requisites - Steel Planters - Troughs
Large garden planters from Garden Requisites - Circular metal garden pots.
a close up of a metal planter with plants in the background and a name plate on it
Garden Requisites - Steel Planters - Troughs
UK made garden planters | Garden Requisites