Spring/Summer Trellis Planting

Garden Requisites' specialist heritage-inspired wirework garden trellis is hand woven near Bath in Somerset, England. Stylish period designs that are hot dip…
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white flowers blooming in front of a brick building
White roses climbing up a trellis panel from Garden Requisites. Hand made wirework trellis in a diamond lattice design, perfect for country gardens. British made metal work for every garde. http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/
a close up of a metal fence near a rock wall with wires attached to it
Garden Requisites -Door Canopies-Fireguards- Planters- Trellis
Painstaking English craftmanship is what makes Garden Requisites metal garden trellis special and long lasting. No plastic fixings here. Weatherproof, made-to-measure British wirework panels will support climbing plants where conventional sizes fall short! http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/products/trellis/wall-trellis-2/
a bird perched on top of a metal fence next to a bush with green leaves
Detail of handcrafted, heritage-inspired English wirework garden trellis from Garden Requisites near Bath. Weatherproof, made to measure and shipped worldwide> http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/products/trellis/
several planters with plants growing in them near a building
Garden Trellis Panels – Garden Requisites
Garden Requisites' zinc galvanised panels work really well in troughs, to give added privacy and terrace 'zoning' in a garden or courtyard, or along a café frontage.
two potted plants sit in front of a white door with an awning over it
Garden Requisites -Door Canopies-Fireguards- Planters- Trellis
Dream up a garden trellis porch concept and we will draw it up and make it for you at Garden Requisites - to fit your space beautifully. Solid galvanised steel porch, canopy covers and matching lead-look planters available too. Just the thing for country houses, heritage town houses and cottages http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/ #porches #trellis #porchcover
two hands are working on a piece of wire
Garden Products - Door Canopy - Front Door Porch
Trellis fencing manufactured in the UK | Garden Requisites
a close up of a metal fence with green leaves on the top and bottom part
Garden Trellis Panels – Garden Requisites
Garden Requisites' 'Light Birch' painted finish for long-lasting steel garden trellis is a gentle, smart solution when nearby buildings are light-coloured, for instance Bath or Cotswolds stone.
some white flowers are in front of a chain link fence and green plants behind it
Spring flowers in bloom in an English country garden. Trellis by Garden Requisites.
a bench sitting in the middle of a lush green yard
Diamond lattice trellis panels with climbing plants in an English country garden. Hand made by Garden Requisites near Bath, England.
an iron trellis with purple flowers and green leaves
Clematis and arched handmade metal garden trellis from Garden Requisites, near Bath, England http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/
the side of a house with white flowers growing on it's walls and bushes in front
5 of the best climbing plants | Centenary Landscaping
star jasmine creeper covering wall.
white flowers are growing on the side of a building
These Gorgeous Flowering Vines Add Vertical Color to Your Yard and Garden
Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) Zones 8-10
a white house with pink roses growing up the side and windows on either side of it
Garden Requisites -Door Canopies-Fireguards- Planters- Trellis
Consider fixing some well-made metal garden trellis to even the narrowest of spaces by doors and windows. Such a welcome for visitors and, in this case, B&B guests. Garden Requisites also supplied the weatherproof heritage-inspired metal door canopy, again made-to-measure in England, shipped worldwide and easy to install http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/
some green leaves are hanging from a tree
Lemon Dream Clematis put on tree at secret seating area