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“there are three ways to move camera in : Middle Button Space + Right Button Space + WASDQE”

A waterfall in voxel ... don't wake the creature !

A waterfall in voxel . don't wake the creature !



A blog about making games with Unity and modelling in Blender.

Experimenting with a low poly isometric style

Fond d'Écran Wakfu Quand vous jouez à Wakfu, vous pouvez régler le niveau des détails dans le jeu. Il existe trois niveaux de détails (minimum/intermédiaire/maximum). Le niveau minimum présente le ...

Fond d'Ecran - Incarnam - Prairie des Crozolis by Weequays on DeviantArt

Hello all,  For those who had follow my deviant on the past and seen my 2D Isometric work, probably know how many of you wanted those graphics for your games. After years of been doing some ot...

Here's another set of environment pieces from the game Sacred Season 2 Eastmass rock sets Here's a link to the game drawings by


Home made Mosquito repellant using lemon eucalyptus oil, vanilla and rubbing alcohol/witch hazel or vodka