Led mirror

This Illusion Mirror Is So Fun and So Easy to Make You’ll Want to Make It for Yourself And All Your Friends! (Video) - Page 2 of 2 - DIY Smarts

Small Arduino Laser Cutter

The MicroSlice V1

Laser Cutter

DVD laser diode used to build a laser engraver

Picture of Arduino-controlled RGB LED Infinity Mirror

Arduino-controlled RGB LED Infinity Mirror

easy homemade laser cutter

Pocket Laser Engraver.

Arduino-based Laser-cutter from used DVD-R drives! Looks more like an old fashion electric chair

Time writing machine

Plotclock is a robotic clock that uses an arm to write the time on a mini whiteboard with a dry erase marker. After it writes out the time, it erases the numerals with an eraser and begins anew.



Wireless Electricity: a Simple Experiment - YouTube

EWAO Tesla's Dream of Wireless Energy coming True: Scientists create a high-efficiency wireless power system