Led mirror

Make this illusion mirror! You’ve seen them in the stores-those cool illusion mirrors that have rows of lights that seem to travel deep into the wall or table.


Mrwhosetheboss shows how to turn a smartphone into a hologram projector using a CD jewel case. His inspiration for creating this came from a similar project by American Hacker.

easy homemade laser cutter

Pocket Laser Engraver.

Arduino-based Laser-cutter from used DVD-R drives! Looks more like an old fashion electric chair

Time writing machine

Plotclock: Printed Clock Writes the Time with a Marker. Plotclock is a clock that uses a marker to write the time on a small whiteboard. When the time c

Wireless Electricity: a Simple Experiment - YouTube

EWAO Tesla's Dream of Wireless Energy coming True: Scientists create a high-efficiency wireless power system