Plant materials and applications for shoreline plantings.
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an outdoor patio with chairs and table surrounded by graveled stones, grass and trees
Photo - Modern Stepping Stone Pathway
the flowers are blooming along the side of the building
Lantana Plant: How To Grow and Care For Lantana Flowers
a small tree in the middle of a garden with rocks and grass on it's sides
Take Another Look at Gravel: Chic Ways to Use It Outdoors
a house with landscaping in front of it on the side of the road and trees
Purple Majesty
Mexican feather grass, blue fescue, kangaroo paw, purple heart/purple queen, mondo grass/lily grass, olive tree, agave americana
some grass is growing in an old metal planter on a wooden floor next to a wall
Acton Cove | Bates Masi + Architects | Archinect
a wooden fence with an octopus painted on it's side and vines growing over the top
Painted Houses & Exterior Home Painting Ideas with a Sea Theme
on the fence
some plants and bushes in front of a fence
some very pretty plants by the side of a house
Mi Dieta Balanceada
Tu ma być ogród :)
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by grass and rocks with two orange cushions on the seat
interiors - June/July 2014 - page89
outdoor firepit and concrete bench
an outdoor garden area with brick walkways and plants
Parterre Landscaping & Garden Design Project Gallery
Check out our wide collection of terrace garden images, container gardening projects, flower planting designs and much more.
a bush with yellow flowers growing in the dirt
Grindelia stricta var. venulosa, Coastal Groundcover Gum Plant
Grindelia stricta venulosa, this Gum Plant makes a small ground cover on coastal bluffs.
an image of a house on the side of a hill with a tree in front of it
Carpinteria Foothills Residence by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis
purple flowers are blooming in the garden
Coastal Gardening Needs A Different Approach!
Erysimum Bowles Mauve (Shrubby Wallflower) flowers nearly all year round if you plant it in a sunny spot. The purple flowers appear from early spring until late autumn. The silvery blue-green foliage is evergreen and forms a small bushy plant that deals well with coastal conditions. Grow Erysimums flower or gravel beds, rockeries and containers for long-lasting color.
some pink flowers are in the middle of a flower bed with purple and green plants
Coastal Gardening: Perennial Flowers for the Sea Coast ⋆ North Coast Gardening
Sedum - Autumn Joy Got from neighbor accross the street Break off, stick in soil, voila! it grows!
small purple flowers are growing in the sun
Westringia Jervis Gem
Westringia fruticosa 'Jervis Gem' compact form of Wynyabbie Gem. Salt and wind tolerant. 1.6high x 1m wide if not pruned
purple flowers are blooming in the garden
Home - Green Scene Landscaping & Pools - Premiere Landscaping & Pools CA
Sea Lavender... California native
small green plants are growing in the dirt
Atriplex leucophylla, Beach Saltbush
Atriplex leucophylla / Beach Saltbush #native Good for ground cover
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a garden
Mina träskgångar
hostas un papardes
an outdoor garden area with various plants and flowers on the ground, along with a building in the background
Sarah and Roger Budarick’s drought tolerant garden, Boat’s End, in Australian House and Garden.
some bushes are growing on the side of a wooden walkway
an assortment of plants and flowers in a garden by the water's edge with mountains in the background
How to Design a Waterfront Garden
How a garden designer created a breezy, beachy oasis by letting nature do its thing
a wreath is hanging on the wall next to shells
27 Awesome Beach-Style Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Porch and Yard
there are many different plants and rocks in the garden, including succulents
27 Awesome Beach-Style Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Porch and Yard
27 Awesome Beach-Style Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Porch and Yard
a white fence with grass growing between it and some trees in the background on a sandy beach
A beachy theme? Sand? Little plants?
a wooden walkway in the middle of a garden
Gardening Solutions for Dry, Sandy Soils
Beach Style Deck by SD Independent Construction
a potted plant with sea shells in it
44 Shell Decor Ideas for your Seashell Collection
Coastal Decor, Beach, Nautical Decor, DIY Decorating, Crafts, Shopping | Completely Coastal Blog: 30 Seashell Collection Display Ideas
a white house surrounded by colorful flowers and greenery in the foreground, with a path leading to it
Maine - Photos & Ideas
Maine Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 2
three wooden posts with rope tied around them on the side of a stone path in front of some bushes
nautical landscaping | Wood Marine Pilings Nautical Coastal Decor | landscape ideas by Sherri32
an outdoor shower in the middle of a garden
Een douche in de tuin, je eigen buitendouche -
Outdoor shower
a wooden table surrounded by bushes and shrubbery in a backyard area with gravel flooring
Australian Landscape Conference 2013 - (Honestly, I detest topiary balls....but for some reason, I like this space. Well done!)
a wooden deck surrounded by plants and chairs
if i had a little shop by imogene on
Vertical sleeper walls use to screen off end of garden? (even as sculpture, varying heights with gaps) by imogene
some very pretty plants by the side of a building with blue and pink flowers in it
Anigozanthus 'Pink Joey' Pink Joey kangaroo paw from Gold Rush Nursery
Groundcover - blue chalk sticks (in betw kangaroo paws)
a garden with rocks and flowers in it
gravel beds - upper back garden shade - this is the look we were going for at Susanna's
a white picket fence surrounded by lush green grass and flowers in front of a row of houses
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Coastal Gardens
rocks and grass in the middle of a graveled area next to a body of water
Grasses and rocks
some rocks and plants on a wooden deck in the sun with blue flowers growing out of them
Senecio serpens & boulders 1
a bowl sitting on top of a rock in the middle of some plants and flowers
a wooden walkway surrounded by grass and rocks in a garden area with purple flowers on the side
Coastal theme front garden
wooden steps leading up to the top of a hill with bushes and shrubbery in the background
seaside garden
some very pretty green bushes by the side of the road with rocks and gravel around them
Coastal rosemary, Westringia (Westringia fruticosa) 'Grey Box'
westringia fruticosa grey box coastal rosemary; flowers in spring summer and autumn. ideal for hedging. 40 cm high and wide. Excellent in coastal positions
there are two wooden posts in the middle of this rock garden with plants and rocks
Pilings, pebbles and salt-tolerant plants
a wooden bench sitting next to a tall planter on top of a wooden floor
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the tall grass is growing next to some rocks
Zebra Grass Planting: How To Care For Zebra Grass
Zebra grass plants provide four seasons of interest with young spring variegated striped foliage, summer copper colored inflorescence, fall golden leaves and winter texture and form. Click here for more.
some pink flowers are growing out of the gravel
A pretty row of Armeria edges the path of the Coastal Garden - rock/gravel garden ideas
an assortment of plants and rocks on a wooden deck in a garden with wood planks
Tropical Florida Cottage Garden
Shells along a garden path. See more of this beachy garden here:
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a garden next to some bushes and plants
Native / coastal Inspo
the walkway is surrounded by tall grass and other plants on either side of the path
Franchesca Watson | Garden Designer
Franchesca Watson | Garden Designer
a wooden table surrounded by bushes and shrubbery in a backyard area with gravel flooring
Clean garden design.