This photo series will change the way you think about your body

Plastic Bodies Photo Series - Sheila Pree Bright

In her 2003 series "Plastic Bodies,"photographer Sheila Pree Bright combines images of real women's bodies and faces with those of dolls to explore white beauty standards imposed on girls and women of color.

The lighting in this design is very impressive. The light pink tones to the keys present a very realistic tone, even with the strong light. Implied weight is also a great element to this manipulaiton.

Create a Surreal Miniature Portrait: Post-Production by Nathan Colantonio, In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a surreal, miniature portrait using some photos that I shot from a previous tutorial on Tuts .

yes it is very unique...

Drawing meets life UK-based digital artist Dan Lester combines photography and illustration into clever and intriguing images that really make you question what you're looking at. Is it a photograph or a drawing? In actuality, it's both.

How the Beauty Industrial Complex Oppresses Women

An image of a girl holding up a photo of the face of a Barbie doll. I love this piece as it implies that society and the media portray an image of 'the perfect and beautiful woman' and its all girls e