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Inspiration for arts project with artist Cath Walshaw.
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a large group of people standing together in the middle of a crowd, all dressed in brightly colored clothing
Specialist Church Insurance - Congregational Insurance
Vaisakhi Festival - Kajal Patel
a woman wearing a colorful hat and scarf
Woman in Cairo
many colorful umbrellas are stacked up together
When The Lights Go Down: 9 Night Markets
Check out this Wanderlist: When The Lights Go Down: 9 Night Markets
an elaborately decorated horse drawn carriage parked in front of a building with clothes hanging from it's sides
Craft by World Market | Justina Blakeney
Can't you picture me riding around L.A. in this!!? Want! OH!! this just put a smile on my face, reminds me of my hols back home, how i longed to get on the rickshaws, i did, seeing this pic reallly had the memories coming back, and alo riding on the tuk tuks too, .. :DD
a woman sitting on top of a pile of bags next to rocks and flowers in front of her
A young girl making textile along the trekking route around Mount Ausangate, Peru, by Joshua Lawton
many lights are hanging from the ceiling in a store with people looking at them and shopping
Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Turkey
a rainbow colored light reflecting on the floor
Black slate, twin rainbows
the sun shines brightly through windows in an office building
Stained glass and sunshine. Stained glass was something else I wanted to get into. I think I have enough on my plate now though!
two hands holding something with yellow and blue paint on it's palm, while the other hand is covered in multicolored powder
Holey-Moley Holi Color - Nomadic Decorator
EV 158
many colorful bowls are stacked on top of each other
Classical Turkish ceramics on the market
Turkish Ceramics I love the brilliant colors of these bowls. Why o why didnt I buy the whole store when I saw them??!!
many colorful fabrics are stacked on top of each other
Bright Peruvian Textiles - Entouriste
Brilliant Peruvian Typical Textile Designs & Fabrics -=- Among the Most Beautiful & Treasured Traditions <3
an intricate blue and green paisley print on white fabric with lots of small, ornate details
Liberty London
Lord Paisley, B, Liberty Fabric
an image of colorful flowers and plants in the grass with watercolor paint on paper
Liberty London
Botanical Garden by Liberty Art Fabrics
an ornate building with a purple door and cross on the front entrance, in morocco
Islamic art
Islamic Doors. No information provided as to place or date but I adore the vibrant color and shape of the decorative borders. Islamic art by Iqbal Khatri, via Flickr Added November 8,2013 style, color, architecture
Culture of Pakistan ~ Khussa  These handmade leather shoes called  Khussas are exquisitely embroidered and indeed qualify as art on feet. Pakistan Culture, Pakistani Culture, Punjabi Culture, Desert Dreamer, Indian Shoes, Embroidered Shoes, Handmade Leather Shoes, Jolie Photo, South Asia
Culture of Pakistan ~ Khussa These handmade leather shoes called Khussas are exquisitely embroidered and indeed qualify as art on feet.