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The Kabbalah "Tree of Life"

The Fall Of Man : An Interpretation From The Kabbalistic Tree Of Life. ~ Warrior of Light (India)

The Cadeusus / The Tree of Life - "Here we see his full power of transcendence, whereby the lower transcendence from underworld snake-consciousness, passing through the medium of earthly reality, finally attains transcendence to superhuman or transpersonal reality in its winged flight." -- Joseph L. Henderson, "Ancient Myths and Modern Man" in  Carl Jung's Man and his Symbols

The Cadeusus / The Tree of Life. According to Walter Friedlander, in The Golden Wand of Medicine: A History of the Caduceus Symbol in Medicine, this connection can be traced back to when the U. Army adopted the caduceus as the insignia

Kabbalah: The Universal Tree of Life

Kabbalah: kabbalah in Hebrew means "receipt ; It is not studied until the age of after thorough study of the Torah and Talmud. True Kabbalah does not get into divination. The Universal Tree of Life