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three stuffed animals wearing colorful hats and sitting on the floor in front of a mirror
several small stuffed animals are attached to a chain on a pink surface with beads and chains
Rainbow collection, naughty and playful jewelry. This time I made some Kitschy accessories, cute Necklaces and Brooches with beads, flowers and full of Spring vibes / by @misakomimoko #kawaiijewel #furrylittlefriend #furrycharm #catdollcharm #catpendant #handmademiniaturedoll #dollmaker #indieartist #plasticbeads
there are many key chains and other items on the table with it's name tag
雑貨奥様 on Twitter
a candle and some decorations on a table
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Kraków Foil Nativity Crib – Oklahoma
a group of stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a pink blanket in front of a black background
two stuffed animals are in a green plastic case with flowers and plants on the shelf
Mid Century Poodle Shadow Box Souvenir Accent Piece Black and White Dogs - Etsy
This shadow box is really amazing! my pictures dont do it justice! i dont know anything about this little treasure except that it is wonderfully kitsch! the poodles and flowers are in perfect condition. The poodles are made of a chenille pipe cleaner with eyes attached and sweet little costumes. the flowers are made of a flex plastic and are very bright. it has mirrored frame and the ribbed lucite is still very bright with no scratching! (making it very reflective!!) the back does have s...
three dolls with hair on their heads are sitting next to each other in front of a blue background
Fighting Crime With Flipper
a blue stuffed animal laying on top of a table next to other stuffed animals and toys
Retro revolting
fuzzy 1970's bedroom decorations.
Lenticular Postcard: Leda And The Swan by mrwaterslide, via Flickr Peppermint Rose, Leda And The Swan, Pose Dolls, View Master, Postcards For Sale, Christmas Drawing, Amazing Art Painting, Bird Toys, Retro Toys
Lenticular [?] Postcard: Leda And The Swan
Lenticular Postcard: Leda And The Swan by mrwaterslide, via Flickr
a pink clock with a cat's face on it and green eyes is sitting in front of a gray background
Vintage Spartus Cat Clock Rare PINK model mid century modern retro atomic works | eBay