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3D Geometric Dress - wearable art; paper sculpture dress; experimental fashion design

A beautiful structured shoulder piece design, displaying the volume and depth of the shapes by manipulating the paper to become Beautiful design feature.

'Spiked Shoulder Piece' by Jade & John

Extreme metal spiked shoulder piece from Jade and John. This piece speaks for itself. Three different sized brass & aluminium spikes tower up from the boned leather base. spikes are brass, and spikes are aluminium.

Geometric Fashion Jewellery - structured necklace constructed from tube beads; jewellery architecture // Titania Inglis - Tap to link now to check out our awesome jewellery!

3D Geometric Fashion - spiky sculptural shoulder piece - origami fashion; wearable art; fashion architecture

It's been revealed that electro-pop singer MEG will be releasing a new album titled "WEAR I AM" on her birthday, October album will contain MEG's latest single "TRAP&quo

Sculptural shoulder piece with complex 3D architectural structure - an exploration of control & chaos; geometric fashion; wearable art // Tracy Featherstone

Sculptural shoulder piece with complex architectural structure - an exploration of control & chaos; wearable art // Tracy Featherstone Amazing construction, all made of shapes. Creates an eyecatching sculptural piece of wearable art.

Winde Riestra

Presented on 13 July at Amsterdam Fashion Week by fashion designer Winde Rienstra, the collection explores the concept of human energy, which becomes tangible via clothing.

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