Glue a piece from magazine & let kids expand an image with their own details.

Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture! My middle school art teacher use to do this with me :)

Dear Zoo colouring activity sheet. You can also find other sheets, such as a mask and spot the difference here.

Dear Zoo activity sheet (use to color, cut out and glue on Styrofoam tray/yarn zoo cages, also pinned)

"Dear Zoo" Story Time box

Dear Zoo Story Box

I saw another lady wrap each animal in brown paper which would be AWESOME as everybody loves opening packages!

Dear Zoo....

Who hasn't done this sort of lion craft at some point? It's the ultimate lion craft that is so easy that my tot was able to do it practically on her own. I did the cutting for the facial features -

Dear Zoo  Puppets!  LOVE THIS!

A Week of Awesome Storytimes & #flannelfriday

This week I offered some stellar storytimes, I have to admit. At Toddler Storytime on Wednesday I did a puppet version of Campbell’s Dear Zoo which went over splendidly!

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