Just a great way to display children's family photos using construction paper and some imagination. I have it displayed in the classroom's  home living area!

I like this as a way of displaying family pictures too! If you still wanted to do the traditional family tree, you could always use this idea for displaying pictures taken in the classroom and pictures with friends - their "classroom family"

Three Jelly Fish printable puppets... and a quick video of us singing the song in case you don't know it!

Three Jellyfish Printable Puppets

Tippytoe Crafts: Handy Hermit Crabs (Eric Carle theme) Great for Sharing a Shell book

Today's Eric Carle book was A House For Hermit Crab . I had seen this amazing project at I Heart Crafty Things and couldn't wait for ou.

Coloring on sandpaper. Starfish shapes

Coloring on sandpaper we cut into starfish shapes. We did this after reading the Let’s Read and Find out Science book called Starfish.