Autumn Tree Threading Activity for developing fine motor skills :: Wings and Roots

Autumn Tree Fine Motor Threading

17 Ways To Build Fine Motor Activities Into Your Curriculum - Differentiated Kindergarten

17 Ways To Build Fine Motor Activities Into Your Curriculum

Making Faces. Loose parts in the finger gym.

Using natural and recycled materials, students have expressed creativity and visual representations of various emotions and facial expressions.

Bright orange sand for the mark making area this week. Thanks to Rachel at stimulating learning again for the printables I use in this area!

Practicing fine motor manipulation of hand movements to help promote handwriting skills in the sand. Prompt cards are used for children to copy the shapes.

Fine motor sticky dot fun... from Rachel (",)

Dots, Spots & Circles

funky fingers. finger gym. fine motor skills. Pine cone and elastic band fine motor activity

Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers- pine cones and elastic bands

Visual perceptual skills like hand eye coordination, visual tracking, and visual scanning with lines and manipulatives

Lots of Lines

FIne Motor Activity: Spirals and other Patterns (free printable; from Stimulating Learning with Rachel) Mikayla Genwright PD k

Finger Gym in my FS2 class

amount and number match Activity will develop physical - fine motor skills Cognitive- brain and numbers

Line stones and precious stones on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

Lots of creative activities using rocks, stones, and pebbles fro Stimulating Learning with Rachel