I love this idea! This is such a great idea to get students to self assess, and to let teachers know where students are as far as understanding the material.

Self-Assessment Station: Students can place exit slips in the container that matches their skill level.Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert (Common Core all the way!

My reading area for Reception

This reading area looks really cosy and by using the "tent" it makes it a defined area in the room.

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Telling Time-A great visual schedule for children. Telling time on an analog clock is becoming a more difficult skill to teach!

Pirate role-play area in my Early Years (SEN) classroom

Amazing pirate role-play area from a classroom, great ideas for EY base room, easy to do with a large cardboard box or two and material

this would work for learning journals, too

Recycled cereal boxes as personalized book bins! I saw this at a conference I was at this week. This WILL be my first Reading Homework assignment!