I love this idea! This is such a great idea to get students to self assess, and to let teachers know where students are as far as understanding the material.

Self-Assessment Station: Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert (Common Core all the way!) So students aren't embarrassed by separating this papers maybe have stickers or something to put on paper instead.

My reading area for Reception

Classroom Decor (reading corner) **instead of a circus theme it could be a rain cloud with streamers of rain drops**

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no more asking me what time lunch or gym happen! Love this idea for visual schedule and teaching time post a clock for each period as well!

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Season Display Classroom Class Autumn Seasons Pictures to share, Season Display Classroom Class Autumn Seasons Pix

LOVE this for a Three Little Pigs house role play area!

I think it's made out of cardboard boxes with the tubes glued on top, but I love it.---this could be fun for when we do "buildings" the three little pigs stick house

Pirate role-play area in my Early Years (SEN) classroom

Amazing pirate role-play area from a classroom, great ideas for EY base room, easy to do with a large cardboard box or two and material

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