I love this idea! This is such a great idea to get students to self assess, and to let teachers know where students are as far as understanding the material.

Self-Assessment Station: Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert (Common Core all the way!) So students aren't embarrassed by separating this papers maybe have stickers or something to put on paper instead.

Teacher's Pet – Ideas & Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | What Time is…

no more asking me what time lunch or gym happen! Love this idea for visual schedule and teaching time post a clock for each period as well!

Pirate role-play area in my Early Years (SEN) classroom

Amazing pirate role-play area from a classroom, great ideas for EY base room, easy to do with a large cardboard box or two and material

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