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This is awesome - great use of traditional media to raise the perception of the homeless leading to awesome organic social discussion.

Outdoor advertisment created by INGO, Sweden for Situation Stockholm, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Interesting additional weapons and dedicated console server move

DICE's general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson believes that the appeal of first-person-shooters set in the modern-day may be dwindling.

oooooooooooooooooh I love Sim City this could get me and Shane back in competition!

Here is theOfficial GDC 2012 announce trailer for SimCity by EA Maxis. SimCity is a PC/MAC online city building simulation game from Maxis Studios. It is the quiessential city builder franchise that started a genre.

Hmmm come on Halo you wont be COD!

If you were looking forward to trying out the new Halo game before deciding whether to buy it, it looks like you're in for a major disappointment. 343 Industries, the developers for the game have …

God this kid is annoying plus the dudes repeating each piece of in game VO are just as bad, just toggle mute in menu please!

There is trolling in the name of evil, in which you act like an asshole. But there can sometimes be trolling in the name of public good.

Super cool cosplay props, I want the HL2 Grav Gun!!

Super cool cosplay props, I want the Grav Gun!


Virtual Goods: More Consumers Spending In 2011


BioShock Infinite launches in Europe on October Games has announced. The Irrational Games shooter launches in the US on October.

Doom 4 art oh what could have been.. Oh and check out the ELITE skin :-)

leaked screenshots of what it claims to be Doom If the images are true, this is reason to believe that that the rumors of Doom 4 being cancelled are untrue.

I really hope this isn't the final nail in the coffin!

UPDATE: GAME has issued a statement to Eurogamer in response to the retailer's decision not to stock Mass Effect blaming it on a "supply issue".