When you feel bad your mind continues to focus on all the parts of your life that seem to not be working. Then you feel even worse. This all continues until you wake up to the fact that your self-image is just a mental idea. It is just a concept


it's ironic because the smoke coming out of the towers is usually bad for the environment while trees are the opposite

Love Munch darkness and light in close. Night in St. Cloud. 1890. by  Edvard Munch.  Oil on canvas

Edvard Munch - Night in St. Cloud, Oil on canvas, x 54 cm, National Gallery, Oslo

Sir John Lawes Art Faculty: Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - Appropriation Art - Art based on appropriation of other Artists imagery

Marcel Duchamp Fountain Marcel Duchamp took a mass production factory made object a urinal, signed it with a fictitious Artists' nam.

Edvard Munch, Kiss by the Window, 1892

Edvard Munch - kiss by the Window 1892 - Oil on Canvas 73 x 92 National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo

Google Image Result for http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/aipe/imgs/sherman/CS11_0026_Sherman_OH_GCR.jpg Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman History Series: Untitled 1990 color photograph 48 x 38 inches x cm) - Post-Modernism

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