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Replace a closet door with a bookcase door.  How totally awesome is that?!

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door. Great idea to hide the water heater. No more ugly, never touched water heater door.

Chopped up tubing and pipe - Amazing staircase by Philip Tiffin

Chopped up tubing and pipe - amazing staircase by Philip Tiffin.Railing made from chopped up drop from tubing and pipe. Satiin finish with bees wax over coat.

A3 novice gardener's/beginner's vegetable growing gardening calendar

novice gardener& vegetable growing gardening calendar& (folded to ideal small gift for mother& day, father& day, classrooms or schools offering horticultural lessons NOT LAMINATED.

Five Ways to Grow Edibles Vertically  Growing salads, fruits and herbs vertically not only allows urban dwellers to grow food in small spaces, but follows the permaculture principles of stacking, using renewable resources and making the most of the edge.

Herb & Salad Wall - leafy greens and herbs at your fingertips.look how little room it takes up.I would love to put in a salad/herb wall at our new house.I bet my hubby could build is one.

Future Disney Addict  Maternity T-Shirt

Show off you baby bump Disney style with this Future Disney Addict Maternity shirt. Showing the heartbeat of only a true Disney fan. Available in white and black Send me a message if you have any questions or special requests.