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an old black and white photo of people
I’m Ida B. Wells’s Great-Granddaughter, and I’m Still Fighting Her Fight for the Vote
Face, Face Drawing, Pretty Face, Human, Poses, Interesting Faces
© by Alessandra Meniconzi
an old black and white photo of a woman wearing a turban with jewelry on her head
Moorish (Black) Kings of India – Pictures and Images | Rasta Livewire
an old photo of a man in costume holding a fan and looking off to the side
Ethiopian Minister of Transportation, Nagadras Gabra Heywat Baykadagn (Gabriel) 1917
African Dance, Afro Punk, Donna
25 Vintage Portraits of African Women With Their Amazing Traditional Hairstyles
an african woman wearing a brown head piece with gold jewelry on her face and neck
Angola 2011
an african woman with beads and necklaces on her chest, looking at the camera
hamar woman / ethiopia
an old photo of a woman in a dress and hat with her hands folded up
In and Out of the Studio
Unknown Artist (Senegal). Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1910
an african man with braids on his head
Edison Tjikune on X
an african woman with dreadlocks on her head in the desert, looking at the camera
Himba tribe, Namibia by Isabel Pérez / 500px
Himba tribe, Namibia by Isabel Pérez
Ebony Models
Jeune femme. Mali