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In Loving Memory of BLUE - You brave wonderful boy - now you can rest without pains sweetheart - you really deserve to fly free - I´ll never forget your wonderful face - I loved you at first sight and was so happy when you were rescued - now I u

Christmas - lost loved ones - save a seat quote - faith

"Christmas in Heaven what do they do? They all come to Earth and spend it with you. So save them a space, one empty chair, you might not see them but they will be there." (I'll save a chair for my Dad. I think I miss him most at Christmas time.

How to Sew a DIY Bandana Bib | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Learn how to sew a DIY bandana bib with this easy sewing project complete with free pattern! This is a great sewing idea for both beginners & experts alike.

I have wanted to make this vintage wrap shirt ever since I stumbled across these old photos from a 1950’s Life magazine.  I just love the retro style and it looks soo easy to replicate!  It is perfect for summer and would work well with any high waisted skirt, shorts or pants.      I had a hard time deciding on which fabric to choose from, which always seems to be a problem since I work in a fabric store with endless choices!  I was going to make it out of a muslin like the vintage pic, ...

Wrapping Blouse - CLOTHING - While surfing the internet, I came upon to this awesome picture. I can't find pattern for this one. It is easy to make.

Shirred dress project from The Great Brtitish Sewing Bee

Shirred elastic dress - a shirring tutorial by Claire-Louise Hardie from The Great British Sewing Bee - Fashion With Fabric.

baby size chart  Newborn Measurements: Head: 14in (35.6 cm); Chest circumference: 14 in (35.6 cm); Back of neck to hip length: 8in (20.3 cm); Waist to ankle length: 12in (30.5 cm); Crotch to ankle length: 6in (15.2 cm); Sleeve length: 8 in (20.3 cm)

Chest circumference: 14 in cm); Back of neck to hip length: cm); Waist to ankle length: cm); Crotch to ankle length: cm); Sleeve length: 8 in cm)