a light filled London flat — Patchwork Harmony

a light filled London flat

Lighting, flat: This is flat lighting because there is almost no color and the lighting is very soft. There is nothing that stands out and it is very average.

Kleine eettafel

Scandinavian studio apartment inspiring a cozy, inviting ambiance. The Scandinavian minimalism comes often out of necessity: the homes are very small. This is why functional items have to look pretty - there is not much space for decorative items!

Give any space a feeling of history and a life well lived with this distressed vintage green pendant. Hanging from a metal chain, it's the perfect accent above your office desk, in the kitchen above a ... Find the Distressed Saucer Pendant in Vintage Green, as seen in the #ModernFrontierStyle Collection at http://dotandbo.com/collections/modernfrontierstyle?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=organic&db_sku=CGS0050

Add a touch of international beauty to your home or office with this Goshen hanging lamp pendant crafted in central India. The distressed look adds casual class, and the vintage paint finish looks mag



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