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Artists - Photographer Richard Burbridge, Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri and stylist Robbie Spencer. String art portraits that combine black and white photography and intricate string work to make the images vibrant, pieces. Richard Burbridge, Mixed Media Photography, Creative Photography, Art Photography, Fashion Photography, Distortion Photography, Photography Timeline, Movement Photography, Contrast Photography

The Embroidered Secrets of Maurizio Anzeri | Yatzer

Known for his series of eerie portraits or photo-sculptures, a term used by himself to describe his portraits, Maurizio Anzeri’s work will be presented this month at the Baltic and will mark his first solo show in a major UK institution. Yatzer caught up with Maurizio Anzeri and discovered the man behind the embroidered vintage photographs who is enjoying an extraordinary

Duane Michaels, As Aparições Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Duane Michals, Great Photographers, Reference Images, Painting Inspiration, Distortion, Ghosts, Collages, Photography Ideas

Fotografia Feita de Emoções - Duane Michaels

Christ in New York A realidade repleta de ilusões, sonhos e desejos. A fotografia de Michaels mostra a estranheza cotidiana, ordenada pela...