Marshmallow Pops. Much easier than cake pops! Can be done for any occasion just by changing the colors (great for baby showers)!

How to Make Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops - These Are So Cute!

Looking for some Valentine's Day ideas? These Valentines day marshmallow pops are so cute, perfect for yuour kids to pass out at school parties!

pretty pastels colour scheme?

Dark grey decor accents, lavender towels, cream trim tile, pink rug, light grey walls maybe?

Wow, what a candy bar! Captured By: Vine and Light Photography --->

Soft Southern Vintage Wedding

Wow, what a candy bar! Captured By: Vine and Light Photography. We love the rustic look with pastel treats. So simple and sweet.

Macaroon - Caplan Miller Events

Full of Colours with Rainbow Macaroons. Sweet and Colourfull with Creative Colours of Beautiful Colours of the 7 Colours of Rainbow Combined into one Colour (Rainbow.

Caitlin Shearer: candyland

Caitlin Shearer: candyland This picture is really ordered because of he way all the sweets are in rows and columns that are all lined up.

This cake is beautiful! My 2 favorite colors!

Pink Cherry-Vanilla cake for Valentine's Day? Yes! This Cherry-Vanilla Layer Cake is pretty in pastel and tasty on the tongue.

Mrs. Kibbles Sweet Shop, London.

Link up with Jamies Candy Kitten Sweets and display them in the shop. Instant PR and fits in with decor.

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