Georgie Wynn-Davies

Georgie Wynn-Davies

Georgie Wynn-Davies
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seen it soooo many times - it's a classic....will be seeing it again....  :)

I Heart Old Movies~! actually the only of the 6 ive seen are seven brides for seven brothers and singin in the rain but my all time fave is bye bye birdie!

Ordinary object paintings  susan murtaugh

Ordinary object paintings susan murtaugh holy crap that& good why did I stop painting

England-based artist Josh Bryan has a series of one-of-a-kind portrait drawings called Triangulations.

Geometric triangle face Artwork by Josh Bryan Amazing artwork - Geometric faces using triangles, Created by pen. The artist is 20 year old Josh Bryan from England. He used Black Fineliner pens with.


Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = I'm one happy lady I enjoyed the story line and the overall movie, but i loved Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, all the costumes, makeup and sets the most. Tim Burton is brilliant.