Marble art - drop coloured ink into water and place paper on top - reminds me of doing this in primary school, so much fun and very interesting too

caitlow's save of Abstract Prints Contemporary Modern Wall Art Print by Destiny Womack - Wishes - dWo on Wanelo

World-renowned graphic designer Alberto Seveso has created an unusual collection of images in a few hours spread all over the world and caused a wide resonance among connoisseurs of photography. No one could believe that this is a live picture without the use of computer graphics. Do you think that's shown in these photos? So impressive results achieved by mixing two colors

Just Awesome Smoke

Funny pictures about Colourful smoke. Oh, and cool pics about Colourful smoke. Also, Colourful smoke.

Macro shot of oil and water

"Oil and Water Abstract II" by Sharon Johnstone

High speed photos of ink dropped in water

High speed photos of ink dropped in water


L’huile et l’encre se mélangent de la plus belle des façons à travers ces étonnants clichés colorés

In 'Dropping', Alberto Seveso drops acrylic paint into water, taking high-speed photos to capture the splashes occurring above the surface.

Stunning fluid sculptures by Alberto Seveso – high-speed photographs of ink dropping in oil . This dynamic photography has created amazing structures that give the impression of it being solid, despite it being made from liquid substances.

These Floating Globes of Ink and Oil Look Completely Unreal

Stunning fluid sculptures by Alberto Seveso – high-speed photographs of ink dropping in oil artists, fluid dynamics, photography, art

These stunning images show vibrant splashes of paint 'dancing' to sound vibrations.  Photographers created the series of rainbow paint sculp...

Can you play some Deep Purple? Amazing pictures of colourful paint drops vibrating on speakers

Dentsu studio + photographer linden gledhill - series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations for Canon’s pixma ink printer brand

Chemistry / Molecular movement and temperature

5 Minutes Science: Does Temperature Affect Molecular Movement?

Demonstrate that temperature affects molecular movement by doing side-by-side liquid fireworks in hot and cold water. It& also a good opportunity to discuss why water and oil doesn& mix.