I want a print of this for my room... Fernando Vicente

Human Anatomy by Fernando Vicente-- this is kind of like what im doing for my ap art concentration

Fashion Portfolio - textiles design for fashion; delicate knit structures, fashion design & development; fashion sketchbook // Siobhan Marie O'Keeffe

siobhan marie o'keeffe - ArtsThread Profile

design-dautore.com: Sculptures of Decomposing Body Parts by Yuichi Ikehata

Yuichi Ikehata’s Sculpted Photographs. Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata sculpts disintegrating body parts, photographs them and then manipulates them using various programs resulting in truly haunting.

20-11-11 - Nylon translucent garment. Reminiscent of the birthing process. The garments translucency and the body's form creates the illusion that the garment is made from liquid

Photo: David Young-Wolff / Model, Makeup, Retouch: Alli Jiang / on TTL Design

Lovely bone design that would look amazing on a female CG character. Not hard to model and something to add if you're running out of ideas for clothing for a female 3D character. #modelling

She Sells Seashells :: Nika Danielska Design. I don't have the figure or the experience, but damn, this is beautiful. It looks somewhere between seashell and skeleton.

Textile Art - mixed fiber dress sculpture exploring the idea of clothing in relation to the  ephemeral human body // "Second Skin," Agostina Zwilling

'Second Skin' by Agostina Zwilling (materials: tussah silk top, ramie top, hemp, flax, organic merino wool top) As Agostina described so p.

"Silver-tongued", by Sally Hewett, a stitcher and embroiderer who is interested in the social and political histories of the media, as well as their integration into the craft domain.And bodies. With hairs, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and whatever else is all too often airbrushed away in mainstream pop culture. She combines these varied interests into embroideries depicting boobs and butts as they actually appear on human beings. Caution: graphic pix!

These Embroideries Of Boobs, Butts, Nipple Hairs And Stretch Marks Are Just Perfect (NSFW)

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Christina Bothwell, 'Old Soul Baby'. Cast glass, raku clay.

Strange and lovely, Part One: Translucent bodies in the sculptures of Christina Bothwell

daniel ramos obregón

daniel ramos obregón (The Jealous Curator)

by Colombian designer daniel ramos obregón - a collection of hand crafted porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames that encompass the body, hand turned Colombian kingwood handles, and vegetable-tanned leather harnesses.

"TIGHT KNIT: conversations with Louise Bourgeois", an exhibition presented by the Concordia Fibres Student Association and the VAV gallery, with the students : Amélie Ares, Ariane Lavoie, Benita Whyte, Emily McIntyre, Jessica Atkinson, Jessica Bélanger, Kevin Durocher, Rebecca Smyth, Selina Doroshenko, Sabrina Dufour — http://vavgallery.concordia...

NOT BY Louise Bourgeois - please correct caption if you have pinned this image. It's from 'Tight Knit: Conversations with Louise Bourgeois’ exhibition at VAV gallery in Montreal, & by a student from Concordia Fibres Student Association.

Berlinde de Bruyckere poignantly evokes pain, isolation and death, with particular reference to tragic episodes in history such as the Holocaust and World Wars. Her practice consists largely of sculpture and installation, for which she frequently employs mediums such as wax, wood, fabrics and hair. In her 2008 exhibition - Flanders Fields, she used horse hide as a medium for sculpture.

Berlinde de Bruyckere poignantly evokes pain, isolation and death, with…

Beyond the Body by RCA graduate designer Imme van der Haak

'beyond the body' - imme van der aak [photos of the human body are printed onto translucent silk which will create the possibility of physically layering different body’s, ages, generations and identities;

Iris van Herpen- 3D printed couture.

Iris van Herpen, skeleton dress, Wear bones on the inside as well as the outside!

Using her own skin as a canvas, British artist Eliza Bennett has stitched into the palm of her hand using thread to create the appearance of an incredibly work worn hand.

"Using my own hand as a base material, I considered it a canvas upon which I stitched into the top layer of skin using thread to create the appearance of an incredibly work worn hand. Eliza Bennett A woman’s work is never done 2011 Flesh, thread