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36 Of The Best Beauty Memes On The Internet #refinery29 Basically, us all winter.

When your skin so dry the lotion gotta ask God to give it strength

13 More Unbelievable Nailed It Fails - NoWayGirl

Selfies aren’t for anyone. Some people are masters at selfies. Just ask Kim Kardashian she is willing to give you few extra tips for taking a better selfie. (Yes we are talking about Brit awards) Anyway, these

DIY Braid Halo - I wish I had the strength to grow my hair long enough to do things like this... but my hair is VERY fine. There is a TON of it but the longer it gets the worse/flatter it looks.

DIY Hair Tutorial, How To Halo Braid. Dear fashion girls if you are looking for a glamorous hairstyle for a wedding ceremony or for your first meeting or a cocktail party. DIY Hair Tutorial, How To Halo Braid is the best for the moment.

my dad wouldn't do this, but i can imagine you're Dad doing this for the both of us! lol

Funny Text Message - How could you? I trusted you and you cheated on me! Oh, sorry Dad. That was meant for Jim. Oh. On a completely unrelated topic, have you seen my shotgun anywhere?

The fish that lived // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

You will never love anything as much as this little girl loves her fish. **this was totally me as a kid. When I went fishing with my parents I had to kiss and hug every fish we caught lol -KC**