Oh my... LOVE IT! Molly 'needs' a playhouse like this someday. I would have died if I had something like this as a kid.

yellow cottage - maybe I should match the door to the peak color? Then put a fancy scrolled white screen door over?

Paint ideas for the playhouse

Summer Wendy House Childrens Kids Playhouse Shabby Chic London M25 M40

Mousehouse 'Wendy House'. Love it! Her blog is awesome too, but Pinterest doesn't allow me to pin directly from it...

A Colorful Modern Playhouse

Retool a shed or fill a backyard bare spot with a compact playhouse for hours of outdoor kid-time fun.

This sugar pink playhouse with its pretty little verandah and smart window boxes is just about the perfect place for a tea party or teddy bears picnic.

Children's Playhouses - Our Pick of the Best

Looking for children's playhouses? From painted wooden cabins to wigwams and tents, we’ve picked a selection of our favourite children's playhouses

Turning A Shed into a Playroom!

Love it,so colorful and fun! This is now officially my inspiration for decorating the outdoor playhouse for the kids! The paper lantern lights, the bright curtains, and that planter looks like a floating shelf with popsicle sticks.

Laetitia's Divine pink Wendy House

This is the same Wendy house were getting Hudson for his birthday! Painting it nice bluey/white colours