Shell Cottage  Outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall, England Shell Cottage is the home of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour, after their marriage in the summer of 1997. It is located on the outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall, near the coast,[1] and is described as a "lonely and beautiful place."[2] Sea Lavender can be found growing around it. It was a safehouse for various members of the Weasley family and other allies of the Order of the Phoenix during the height of the Second Wizarding War.

Shell Cottage

Shell Cottage Outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall, England. Specifically on Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales in the UK. The cottage was built specifically for

Porthcurno Beach. Cornwall, England #gbtravel

Porthcurno Bay, Deep beneath these waters is the kingdom of the mer-people and other important features from Toby Fisher and King Jack's Gold

"Up the Creek," Point, Cornwall, England. Photo: Capt' Gorgeous, via Flickr

"Up the Creek," Point, Cornwall, England. Photo: Capt' Gorgeous, used to live just down the road from that pink 'delta cottage' it's called ♥

English apple crates house objects that might have been salvaged from a ship that didn’t quite make it back into port, while above them the scientific drawings could have come straight off the pages of a Victorian journal...

Like wood pannelling and the contrast between dark outside and light inside with fairly minimal shop display. (this is The Webb Street Company in Cornwall)

The Eden Project. Nicholas Grimshaw Architects. Photo credit: edmund sumner / simon burt / gabriel kaisers / perry hooper

The Eden Project Year: 2001 Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners Client: Eden Project Limited Location: St. 8 interlinked geodesic domes Purpose: Greenhouse domes ("biomes") Plus

Boscawen Street - Truro - Cornwall England. So many cute little shops along here, plus a few bigger ones like where I used to work!

Taken from New Bridge Street looking down Duke Street in Truro towards the town centre. The building in view is the Coinagehall

Shopper's Diary: Hooper & Shaw in Cornwall, England (crate planters and sidewalk sign)

Shopper's Diary: Hooper & Shaw in Cornwall, England

Artists Nicole Heidaripour and Daniel Scott left London for the seaside village of Port Isaac in Cornwall in 2008 and opened Hooper & Shaw, a gallery s

Eden Project s a visitor attraction in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, including the world's largest greenhouse. Inside the artificial biomes are plants that are collected from all around the world. The domes consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal, inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames. The first dome emulates a tropical environment, and the second a Mediterranean environment. Invented by Jay Baldwin, architect Nicholas Grimshaw, opening 17.3.2001.

The Eden Project is the largest plant enclosure in the world. The project is situated in a landscaped site, formerly a worked-out Cornish clay pit - Cornwall, England.

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Country house - absolutely gorgeous - oh, the possibilities for the balcony and the bay window!

10 of the best campsites in Cornwall From spectacular sites overlooking the Atlantic to posh ones offering caravans, yurts and tipis for camping softies, here are 10 of Cornwall's best, from the new Time Out Camping guide

10 of the best campsites in Cornwall

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