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Woolwich - Cian Oba-Smith
Woolwich - Cian Oba-Smith


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Old Flower & Wealth Paintings

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(3) / Фото #2 - Акварели Sylvie Fortin - Anneta2012
Cactus Painel


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Robin Maddock’s pre-Brexit Britain – British Journal of Photography
Robin Maddock’s pre-Brexit Britain – British Journal of Photography
“I'm usually looking for things that surprise me, things that have a deeper significance, a sense of humour, I suppose. I'm always open to what happens in life, because it tends to be more interesting than anything you can imagine.”

Brexit Britain Photography

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a l i v e
I recently discovered STILL blog and it’s so creative. I love these green snowflakes. photo by STILL Enjoy Christmas Eve. hx
Flower construction #42 ~ Anne Ten Donkelaar

Towards A New Botanical Art

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Gordon Matta-Clark
Gordon Matta Clark Discover the coolest shows in New York at www.artexperience...
a deeper cut : art & architecture : gordon matta-clark : MACBA : barcelona

I ❤️ Gordon Matta Clark

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I am alternating between being terrified and fascinated looking at these Rope Masks.
"The Day Lily", Walter Crane, produced 1897-98, England
C.F.A. Voysey - Arts & Crafts Home

Textiles / Clothing

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Artworks made from paper and thread from artist Shaun Kardinal.
Love the vintage postcard/geometric embroidery mixed media work of Seattle based artist Shaun Kardinal.
victoria villasana

The Photographic Object

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Nicholas Kennedy Sitton. Untitled.
anastasia savinova

Architectural Art

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Phoenix Cover
frances berry - works on paper
Victoria Siemer explores the idea of fractured landscapes through photo manipulations and collages. Try your own with the Juxtaposer app:

Environmental Art

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At first glance, I thought this was a hologram or a projected image. It amazes me how someone could have the patience to ensure each piece of thread was in place in order to come up with this as the final product. Intensive labor and love for art.
Embankment by Rachel Whiteread (October 2005-April 2006)
Tracey Emin - "When I Sleep" & "I Longed For You" from "A Fortnight of Tears" exhibition at White Cube — GEORGINA COOK IS HERE: blog post! #installation


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Lucio Fontana
fehgnee: Lucio Fontana.

Into the next dimension

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Daphne. Snoeck Publishers, 2004 © Sigmar Polke
Untitled by Sigmar Polke


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"Stanislovski Tears" brooch by Kim Eric Lilot | "Слеза станиславского", брошь Кима Эрика Лайота
ceramic "disposables" by ana gómez


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" Tu me fais tourner la tête, mon manège à moi c'est toi..." ( Edith Piaf ) / You make my head spin... ( Edith Piaf ) / Photo-montage.
Sara Cwynar <3

Photo distortion

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Joy Miessi’s self-documentation artworks communicate the feeling of displacement

Writing’s on the wall

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alma-libre: “Space-Speech-Speed” by Mischa Kuball at Dynamo project-space
Media Tweets by Daria Hlazatova (@daria_h) | Twitter


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(1) Likes | Tumblr


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Serpentine Dance (1891) Portrait of Loïe Fuller, by Frederick Glasier, 1902.
1921 Autochtome Image
Zeigfeld Girl 1941 - Judy Garland - stairway to the top of the elite pyramid!

Amazing Vintage Photography

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Shooting the faded glory of Britain’s seaside shelters
Image result for martin parr sussex
Image result for martin parr sussex

Contemporary Photography that I rate

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ETNIA COSMETICS Campaign on Behance
Love this!

Cool portraits

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"Self-Portrait in Kimono with Brian, NY" (1983) Photography Nan Goldin, courtesy of Matthew Marks Gallery
wolfgang tillmans 'chaos cup'....Spring/ stirs the cloud/ in the sky's teabowl..kikusha ni
wolfgang tillmans

Photography Legends

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the city skyline is seen in this view from an empty field with no grass on it
Woolwich — Cian Oba-Smith
Woolwich - Cian Oba-Smith
a young man standing on the side of a road looking at his cell phone while wearing adidas
Woolwich — Cian Oba-Smith
Woolwich - Cian Oba-Smith
a woman in a yellow suit is hiding behind a bush with her hands up to her face
Ben Zank Surreal Self-Portrait Photography
a yellow and white bench sitting on top of a cement ground next to the ocean
Shooting the faded glory of Britain’s seaside shelters
Shooting the faded glory of Britain’s seaside shelters
a group of people sitting on the side of a road eating and talking to each other
Image result for martin parr sussex
a group of people standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with a bottle in their hand
Image result for martin parr sussex
two people dressed as monsters with swords in the snow
MY BIG SURGERY | Full recovery included
Charles Fréger’s enigmatic island of scary monsters and super creatures. #mascara
a woman in silver is holding something up to her face
two people dressed in black and white polka dots
a woman with food on her body and face painted like an evil queen holding a piece of meat
The photographer’s new book mixes ethereal folklore and the social issues that haunt Russian society.
an abstract painting with red, white and blue flowers in a vase on a black background
TME.NET - Tech, Media & Entertainment
the instagram page shows an image of a woman sitting at a table with her legs crossed
Alma Hasser Selfie to self expression
Alma Haser
a man is holding his hands up in front of him with both hands extended out
alma haser
three men in costumes standing next to each other
Kendall Jenner in in This Season’s Fantastical Looks
Are Your Dreams at Night 3 Sizes Too Big? - The Grey World Citizens (from left: Joshua Lacey, Leon Cooke, and Paul Hilton), in mega- or mini-proportioned garb by Lindsay and the rest of’s costume team, embrace the surreal feel
two women sitting on a bench in front of a window
Alessandra Sanguinetti - From the series The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams, 1999